Friday, September 13, 2013

Playing and Eating!

Enough talk about babies sleeping (or not sleeping...)! Soon enough they grow out of their swing chairs and you need a high chair so they can sit at the table together with the rest of the family. 
I must admit that we enjoyed this moment so much that we splurged on a new Ikea baby chair, instead of hunting a second hand one.

The chair was a bit too big though, so I made a cushion for our daughter to sit more comfortably.

It's made out of a beautiful cotton and I filled it with some special soft filling, used for cushions. I used four buttons on each side, to keep the filling in place.

Now that Lily doesn't need the side wings anymore but still likes a soft cushion, we fold the wings backwards.

So what did I do with the fabric scraps, left over from this project? I made her a cool clipping toy which she absolutely adores, using this tutorial!

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