Friday, September 13, 2013

Playing and Eating!

Enough talk about babies sleeping (or not sleeping...)! Soon enough they grow out of their swing chairs and you need a high chair so they can sit at the table together with the rest of the family. 
I must admit that we enjoyed this moment so much that we splurged on a new Ikea baby chair, instead of hunting a second hand one.

The chair was a bit too big though, so I made a cushion for our daughter to sit more comfortably.

It's made out of a beautiful cotton and I filled it with some special soft filling, used for cushions. I used four buttons on each side, to keep the filling in place.

Now that Lily doesn't need the side wings anymore but still likes a soft cushion, we fold the wings backwards.

So what did I do with the fabric scraps, left over from this project? I made her a cool clipping toy which she absolutely adores, using this tutorial!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Turquoise Sorbetto

My sister celebrated her 26th birthday in June. I made her a wonderful present, if I may say so myself (hehe): a Colette Sorbetto top.

I used the same fabric as for the sash on her Crepe. It's a cotton/poly blend. 
This top is actually the second try. I messed up the first one completely. That happens sometimes, right? You think something is so simple and than you completely ruin the whole thing: I ironed it on a setting that was too high for the polyester, so it melted a bit. The armholes were too tight, the whole top was too short, the darts wouldn't sit right and the bias tape wouldn't stay on.... A disaster!
I'm very happy that the actual gift turned out all right!

I made my own bias tape from a fun print I found in our local haberdashery Veritas. They sell all kind of fun fabrics in fat quarters and even smaller bits. Practical if you want to make some bias tape without having to buy too much fabric!

My sister loves her top and has worn it a couple of times already (at least that what's she's led me to believe!).

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summery Crepe

We're having an Indian summer. Instead of planning my fall wardrobe, I'm still thinking about bright summery dresses like this one.


It's a Crepe from Colette Patterns I made for my sister. The fabric is cotton from Liberty of London. I underlined it with a simple white cotton to make it a little more opaque. You may recognize the Liberty fabric from this baby peasant blouse I made for my little one.
The sash is made from a cotton/poly blend in a beautiful turquoise.

The back
The dress was really easy to sew. I used the pattern pieces from my own Crepe dress (post coming soon!) and adjusted the fit a little bit. I made a Small Bust Adjustment and repositioned the front darts a little bit. I also made some changes in the back and adjusted the cap sleeves. I think it fits my sis beautifully and all in all I'm very happy with the result.

 Liberty! Yay!

This dress was originally made for a wedding my sister had to attend. She has worn it already several times and thinks it's a really comfortable dress and chic at the same time. That's always a winner!

Look, I can do the Marilyn!