Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summery Crepe

We're having an Indian summer. Instead of planning my fall wardrobe, I'm still thinking about bright summery dresses like this one.


It's a Crepe from Colette Patterns I made for my sister. The fabric is cotton from Liberty of London. I underlined it with a simple white cotton to make it a little more opaque. You may recognize the Liberty fabric from this baby peasant blouse I made for my little one.
The sash is made from a cotton/poly blend in a beautiful turquoise.

The back
The dress was really easy to sew. I used the pattern pieces from my own Crepe dress (post coming soon!) and adjusted the fit a little bit. I made a Small Bust Adjustment and repositioned the front darts a little bit. I also made some changes in the back and adjusted the cap sleeves. I think it fits my sis beautifully and all in all I'm very happy with the result.

 Liberty! Yay!

This dress was originally made for a wedding my sister had to attend. She has worn it already several times and thinks it's a really comfortable dress and chic at the same time. That's always a winner!

Look, I can do the Marilyn!

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