Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh the pictures!

I have to admit something... It's not that I'm not sewing at the moment - though it's going rather slowly compared to the last few months - but I hate taking pictures with the self-timer.
I hate having to run back and forth on high heels and never being able to take the exact picture I had in mind. It's so stressful (and perhaps I'm too clumsy).

I like it when I have my personal photographer around, though: Mr. Lientje Driel. Sadly, he and I have very different work schedules: I work a lot of evenings and he works on Saturdays. That means we only have Sundays and sometimes Monday evenings together to get the job done! Not easy, with a little one running around. (Not yet running actually, but it won't be too long...)
So I took a couple of pictures from something that involved sewing, but not myself ;-)

Yes! I made some sort of ottoman. It's really comfy and Lily loves sitting on it, to read a book. That's a winner :-)

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