Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Green Hat

I made a green hat last week. Not for me, but for my baby sister (oh, she hates this word). It was a fun and easy project. And a quick one too!

The only problem was this. I was going to use six panels on the hat, but that made it too small. I hadn't thought about the fact that the strip of fabric thickens the whole hat. See what I mean? So I had to cut a seventh one last minute and sew that one in too. Which made it the right size.
I still would like to see a six panel version, so I might give it a try soon.
The strass button is my favourite detail and probably the most expensive part: 5,50€ Can you imagine? (From Veritas of course)
Oh, and I love the lining!

Some pics with my sister modelling:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The curse of the Christmas gifts

Yesterday I was making a Christmas gift. Yes, I've already started making them as I really really want to give handmade presents this year.
So, in the process of bending over to look at a piece of pattern lying on the table, I hurt my back. I couldn't move for at least ten minutes. The pain didn't go away. Not even when my boyfriend gave me real nice massage. Everything went from bad to worse: night was hell. Every time I tried to turn over, I woke up because of the pain in my back.
Getting in my car this morning and driving for more than an hour to teach 3 hours (which equals more jumping around and more pain) was something I couldn't even bear to think about. So now I'm sitting at home and I'm not able to do anything. Horror!
Is this the curse of the Christmas gifts?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rainy season blues

A bit of a rainy season blues. Am busy with two secret projects, so I can't post pics right now. They will follow though.
Mr. Lientje Driel and I are going to officially live together in January (we're going to sign a 'living together contract' at the city hall). The 8th to be precise. But I'm a bit worried about the financial aspects of the party. I don't know if my bank account will be a willing sponsor. Which means that at this point we're even not sure anymore if we're going to give a party at all. And of course I've been so stupid to tell everybody already all about it.. :-(
And sad but true: the rainy season has begun.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Naughty Cat!

So, I have a cat. And he just loves fabric. Whenever a piece of fabric is lying around, there is one naughty cat who loves to go to sleep on it and leave a lot of awfully white hair behind!
So you can understand that when I passed by my fabric cupboard and saw this:

I was very upset! I knew something bad had happened and indeed it had! I opened the doors of my cupboard and behold! I saw this:

The problem is that the cat is way too cute.

But I threw him out nonetheless:

And now my cupboard is locked. Very thoroughly. With a piece of paper.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A girl can never have enough bags!

I made a couple of handbags from this book:
I'm very happy how they turned out. They're more like clutches than real handbags actually, but they carry my wallet, cellphone, keys, lipgloss and some perfume which is all I really need on a night out.
The first one is in a silvery grey. I really like the pattern on the fabric and the three vintage looking buttons. And also the colour of the buttons of course, which is a soft mint green.

The lining is a thick linnen teal fabric.

The second one is in a fake suede fabric. It has a ribbon flower on top (it's a brooch, so I can take it off) and some decorative stitching.

I used a leopard print for the lining, which I interfaced to stiffen it up a bit. I love leopard!