Monday, March 31, 2014

Batwing Shirt

I have a batwing shirt that I really really love to wear. It's classy and so very comfortable. It makes sense to copy that shirt, right?!

It was a rather easy make. It was my first time sewing with a knit that behaves like a knit :-) I used Wendy Mullin's advice and used a walking foot. Good idea, since the front of my shirt is a regular woven polyester fabric, but the back is a really slippery knit.

I made cuffs for the arms and used self made bias binding for the neckline. That was my only mistake. I should have stabilised the neckline and the bias binding. It's a bit wrinkly now. I don't really care because this shirt is so super comfortable to wear.

The polyester fabric features a digital print. It's a street view in black and white. I love it! It's not available anymore, but this one would be a lovely choice too!

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Ines said...

It looks great! Thanks for the tip about the walker foot, I'm thinking of making a similar one.