Friday, February 7, 2014

Wardrobe Architect

I've been doing my homework the last couple of weeks. I'm talking about consciously planning what to sew and building a wardrobe with enough basics to wear with all the frilly things I own.

I must say, I find Sarai's posts very interesting and the worksheets have been really an eye opener to me. I already know intuitively what my core style is. Sometimes, though, I make something that I feel not totally comfortable wearing. Usually I only realize this after finishing the garment. I would like to be more confident when choosing a sewing pattern to make something. Some things are nice when other people wear them, but they are not necessarily my style. The most recent obvious example is my Laurel dress.

I love that dress, don't get me wrong! But it doesn't feel like 'me'. The neckline is too high and the shape is not fitted enough. I consciously chose to make this pattern because I felt this fabric needed something with minimal darts/... But the downside is that I don't feel 100% comfortable wearing it.
Okay, time to move on. I've created three basic outfits for the winter and three for the summer. They're based on things I own and love wearing.

And... what I suddenly realised when putting this together: I own a lot of leopard. Roarrrrrr!


Anonymous said...

Leopard print counts as a neutral, so that's ok!

eline said...

@beassewingadventures: That's a great point of view!