Saturday, November 2, 2013

Laurel in Roses

I attended a pattern drawing workshop this summer at -the very appropriately named- Workshop in Leuven. We learned how to draw a basic pattern block for skirts and to design skirts from that block. It was all very interesting and I loved the whole experience.
Workshop also sells beautiful fabrics, yarns and patterns. During the workshop, I of course spotted a fabric that really caught my eye. The fabric consisted of panels, with roses. I bought two panels and the Laurel pattern from Colette.

I must admit that I really like this Laurel. I was a bit apprehensive at first, Laurel is not the kind of dress I usually wear. I like rather tight fitting clothes and that's not what Laurel is about. However, I needed a pattern without too many darts, so as not to break up the roses on the fabric too much.

I made some pattern alterations. I did a sway back adjustment. I finally figured out that I need this and suddenly all my dresses seem to fit better... I also took the back neckline in, just a little bit though. I think I lengthened the dress a bit, but I'm not sure, since I chopped the pattern up to create the bottom tier...

I used a blue stretch cotton for the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. And I found a jacket in the exact same colour, to match my dress :-) Hooray for matching colours!
PS I forgot to iron this dress before taking pictures... But the wrinkles really show how much I love to wear it! Hah!

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Tamsin said...

found this in the colette gallery - Its lovely! The material is beautiful.