Friday, November 22, 2013

Dotty Top

Some time ago, my mom gave me her sewing patterns. She hasn't been sewing clothes for ages and figured I could put them to better use. A lot of the patterns are a bit outdated right now (think cotton pants with an elastic waistband or drop waist 80s dresses) and my mom was apparently very fond of 'quick and easy' patterns. Which means: nothing fancy going on in pattern design land...

Nonetheless I was really excited to start making something with one of the patterns. It's a sort of top, Burda 5160 Super easy! What's not to like about a super easy top?!

I used a polyester fabric, with a bit of sheen. At least that's what I think it is, this fabric has been sitting in my stash for I don't know how long and I don't even remember where I got it from. It has a lovely drape and I really like the print, especially the black and red polka dots.

I changed the pattern quite a bit to fit in with my wardrobe and not to make people want to send me back to the 80s. (Though that's the decade I was born, haha!)
I shortened the top and took in the whole shoulder area. My shoulders are broad enough on their own that they don't need a lot of extra attention. You know, the 80s silhouette...
I didn't use the facings the pattern provided, but finished the neck area and the bottom with black bias tape. My fabric was too slippery to even think about cutting and sewing facings.

I quite like the result and have worn my top on many occasions already. I also love the back. The closure (which you can't really see well in the picture...) breaks up the pattern a bit and adds a twist to the whole thing.

PS I also got a few lovely patterns for little girls summer dresses. I know what I'll be sewing next summer!

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Fabric Tragic said...

Hi! Love the top, I do like a kimono sleeve top, no pesky sleeves to insert!