Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I'm working on a pair of shorts. I've never made anything remotely resembling shorts before, so this is quite an adventure! 
We're going on holiday soon (camping in Switzerland) so I need a pair of shorts. That speaks for itself. Right? I'm using this pattern form the July issue of Burda Magazine. (The only garment worth making in that whole issue! As you can read here and here.)
You need a tiny zipper for this pattern, so I decided to harvest one from an old pair of my boyfriend's jeans. This was the result:
The zipper had no stop and I pulled that tiny sliding thing off. Anyway, not being one of the faint hearted, I decided to give it another go. I used an old skirt of mine this time and made sure that the zipper had a stop, before getting it out. I hadn't even got halfway through, before this happened:

RIP my trusty seamripper :-(

So, I bought a new one from PRYM:
It's a small one. The shop I bought it from also sells large ones. I figure that they're more difficult to handle. Or am I wrong? Does anyone know what the difference actually is?
And I also bought a small zipper. Fate does not want me to use an old zipper on this project for sure!

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