Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Belgium!

Yesterday was our National Day! Hooray! We got ourselves a new king as well! Time to party: we had a nice and relaxed bbq :-) The weather was also exceptionally good.
Surely this called for a beautiful dress.
I made this dress from this 'new vintage' pattern.
The fabric is a red linen. It wrinkles a bit but not too much luckily. I lined the bodice in that same linen fabric and the skirt in something synthetic. (Can't really remember what exactly.) I hadn't planned on lining the skirt, but the linen was just a little too see through for my taste.
I matched my dress with my black Nero Giardini shoes and a gold elastic hairband. I bet you can't see it, but it is actually a reference to this:
(Yes! That's our flag!)
I made some minor adjustments to the bodice but left the skirt exactly as it was on the pattern. I added some boning in the bodice along the center front seam, the side seams, in between those seams and of course in the back as well. This way it really stays up without having me pulling it up every few minutes. I also deepened the neckline a bit for a more flattering and sexy look.
It's very comfortable to wear and I've been wearing it a lot already.
Happy Birthday Belgium!
And one last happy silly face:

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