Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rainy season blues

A bit of a rainy season blues. Am busy with two secret projects, so I can't post pics right now. They will follow though.
Mr. Lientje Driel and I are going to officially live together in January (we're going to sign a 'living together contract' at the city hall). The 8th to be precise. But I'm a bit worried about the financial aspects of the party. I don't know if my bank account will be a willing sponsor. Which means that at this point we're even not sure anymore if we're going to give a party at all. And of course I've been so stupid to tell everybody already all about it.. :-(
And sad but true: the rainy season has begun.

1 comment:

suzan said...

da's sneu! maar weet je wat, vandaag heb ik wat moeten overwerken, maar morgen bel ik jou en plannen wij een dagje of avondje om erop uit te trekken. driewerf hoera!