Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The curse of the Christmas gifts

Yesterday I was making a Christmas gift. Yes, I've already started making them as I really really want to give handmade presents this year.
So, in the process of bending over to look at a piece of pattern lying on the table, I hurt my back. I couldn't move for at least ten minutes. The pain didn't go away. Not even when my boyfriend gave me real nice massage. Everything went from bad to worse: night was hell. Every time I tried to turn over, I woke up because of the pain in my back.
Getting in my car this morning and driving for more than an hour to teach 3 hours (which equals more jumping around and more pain) was something I couldn't even bear to think about. So now I'm sitting at home and I'm not able to do anything. Horror!
Is this the curse of the Christmas gifts?

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