Saturday, August 3, 2013

The First Few Weeks

So, what actually happened between my last post back in September 2011 and now, August 2013? Was I abducted by aliens? No, no! But you're close ;-) I got pregnant and had a baby. She's a lovely one year old girl, named Lily Kate.
I didn't do much sewing while pregnant, apart from the traditional how-to-turn-your-jeans-into-a-maternity-jeans kind of thing. However, I started sewing again when my daughter was born.
I mostly altered my clothes into nursing friendly garments, but I've sewn a couple of things for my little girl too. So, let me introduce to you, the first of a series of posts about baby sewing. 
Spoiler alert: if you're not into baby stuff, turn away now, while you still can!

One of the first things I made was this Baby Sleeping Sack, from the book Homemade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner.

We didn't know if our baby was going to be a boy or a girl during the pregnancy, as we wanted it to be a surprise. So, when sewing this sleeping sack I had to choose 'neutral' colours. I still do love the colour scheme though and would choose these exact colours again.

The sleeping sack is made from several cotton fabrics. I made the patchwork front from remnants of a (too big) duvet cover, the fabric of two dresses I made and an old pair of my boyfriend's pyjama pants (so soft!). It's not perfect, but I love the way it looks.
The inside is made from some fabric I had still lying around and that I used before to make a wallet for my sister (Lily's godmother). The back is cut from the aforementioned pyjama pants and I lined the whole thing with some fusible interfacing, a leftover from a winter coat I once made. Talk about stash busting!
But what I love most about this sleeping sack is that is made out of different fabrics, that make me think of all the people who love her!


saerah said...

My dearest sister,

I am very glad to hear that one fabric you used on my wallet makes you think of me. And of course, I love Lily very much. I can't deny I'm very proud of my only but absolutely wonderful godchild ;) AND the wallet makes me think of you, too (as do a lot of other things)!

*Blows a kiss*

Zoe said...

Aww, I LOVE this!!!! I was thinking of trying to make one of these too, but then my sister in law gave me two her little girl has grown out of, but yours is MUCH more special and personal. So pleased you are sharing your baby-makes as well as your lady-garments! xx

eline said...

Thank you, Zoe! Keep checking back, because more baby-makes are coming your way! :-)